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VoIP Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
Rizvi SMA, Haskell-Dowland PS (Dowland PS)
Advances in Network & Communication Engineering 4, ISBN: 978-1-84102-180-5, pp114-122, 2007
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This paper presents the assessment of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) security threats and vulnerabilities along with current security technologies and security patterns. Although these threats and vulnerabilities are mentioned in many research papers but they are still need to be acknowledged for future. The convergence of voice and data in one simplified network brings both benefits and constraints to users. Among the several issues that need to be addressed when deploying this technology, security is one of the most critical. This paper presents recommendations with security patterns for VoIP that are specific to four attacks. The paper is helpful in giving a different perspective of vulnerabilities and risks of VoIP.

Rizvi SMA, Haskell-Dowland PS (Dowland PS)