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A toolkit approach to information security awareness and education
Korovessis P, Furnell SM, Papadaki M, Haskell-Dowland PS (Dowland PS)
Journal of Cybersecurity Education, Research and Practice, Vol. 2017, Iss. 2, Art. 5, ISSN: 2472-2707, 2017
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In today's business environment where all operations are enabled by technology, information security has become an established discipline as more and more businesses realize its value. The human component has been recognized to have an important role in information security since the only way to reduce security risks is through making employees more information security aware. Towards this goal the research will appreciate the importance of information security awareness by illustrating the need for more effective user training. Further to that it proposes and develops an information security toolkit as a prototype awareness raising initiative. Apart from the elements of toolkit design and development, the research also conducts an assessment of its approach and usability.

Korovessis P, Furnell SM, Papadaki M, Haskell-Dowland PS (Dowland PS)