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Teleoperation of mobile robots over wireless internet
Dorigo M, Harriehausen-Mühlbauer B, Stengel I, Haskell-Dowland PS (Dowland PS)
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications, ITA 11; Wrexham, Wales; United Kingdom, ISBN:978-094688168-0, pp145-151, 2011

There are thousands of applications where a mobile robot has to be manually teleoperated over wireless internet connections. This paper presents a concept on how mobile robots can be controlled remotely over the Internet from anywhere in the world and feedback such as full HD resolution video and audio, adapted to the available channel bandwidth, can be transmitted back to the operator in real-time using standardised Internet Protocols. As proof of concept, a prototype has been implemented in the form of a wheeled mobile robot. The prototype has been tested in different wireless internet environments such as 802.11n wireless local area networks, 2G Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE), 3G High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) and 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband. These performance tests proved successfully that the proposed concept is working well in all of the tested wireless internet environments with varying channel bandwidth.

Dorigo M, Harriehausen-Mühlbauer B, Stengel I, Haskell-Dowland PS (Dowland PS)